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Deborah Wilkinson-Gray

Owner / CEO

I have a background as an Executive Assistant / Office Manager working for private business, medical offices, real estate agencies, tertiary organisations and local government. This has given me an extensive insight for the serious need for a robust in-depth BUSINESS PROCESS MANUAL to ensure business operations and processes are run correctly, which has become my forte. It follows that this should also apply to the home and personal environment.

From my vast work experience I have learned that every business needs a full and in depth Business Process Manual. Some call this a procedures manual, or organisational manual. Whatever it is called this manual covers how your business is run from the moment you open the front door to how your office runs during your business hours to when you close the door at the end of your day. This solves any problems that arise should you be unable to come in to work because of severe illness, family problems or anything that keeps you from your business for a long period of time. I have written a book "Back Up Your Business". Order your copy of the book .  Email me at deb@gettingyouorganised.co.nz

Writing this book lead me to think about recording very important information in our personal lives and I wrote my booklet "Where's the Password?".  If you died tomorrow, how easy would it be for the significant people in your life to tidy up your affairs?  Sadly, far too many of us compound the grief of our loved ones by involving them in lengthy and sometimes expensive proceedings because we haven't left our financial and other arrangements in good written order. Make life for those left behind a little less stressful. Leave a list of important contacts, all their details, passwords, access codes, and so on. Order your book here

Need a speaker for your group?  I am delighted to be speaking to groups about my booklet "Where's the Password?"  or "Back up Your Business".  If you would like me to speak to your group please phone me direct  on 021 997462 or email me at deb@gettingyouorganised.co.nz to arrange a date.


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