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Business Process Manuals

A robust, in-depth BUSINESS PROCESS MANUAL is an important part of your business Risk Management Strategy. It means that if you are completely incapacitated (whether by heart attack, stroke, coma, a major accident of any sort or even death) in your role of Owner/Director/General Manager/ CEO then an Acting Manager can step into your role with this Manual giving them a complete guide on how you want your business managed in your absence.

Yes, your staff know their roles and they will no doubt be happy to step in and assist, however, they will need an overall direction – which is why you are there in the first place – and nine times out of ten you will have at least 75% of information on running your business in your head rather than on paper.

By having everything about the management of your business recorded the risk of your business losing money while you are incapacitated is reduced.

It is also an Invaluable resource when hiring new staff or temp staff. The information they need to refer to is in your Business Process Manual. . This helps to cut back on training time.

Should you have staff preparing for retirement – particularly those who have worked for you for years and evolved their roles - they have a vast amount of unwritten knowledge of your business which will be walking out the door when they retire. This information needs to be in the Business Process Manual.

No doubt you think “I could do this myself” but really …. When would you do it and how much time would It take you away from your core business. I am experienced in creating these Business Process Manuals, talk to me - I know what to look for and what needs to be in this manual - you will have a say in the input but I plan that the manual I create for you will be so in-depth I could step in as an Acting Manager for you. I will also follow up every year to see if there are any updates.

Your BUSINESS PROCESS MANUAL will enable you to review how you are running your business. Rather like having a tree with the core of your business being the tree trunk and other areas being the branches. Do you need to cull, prune or grow extra branches? Are you spending too much time in one area? What improvements or expansions do you want to make? The BUSINESS PROCESS MANUALwill give you an overall view of your business.

Should you wish to sell your business the BUSINESS PROCESS MANUAL adds value to your business by giving the purchaser a seamless process to take over the business – no need for you to act as a Consultant once your business is sold, this Manual is fully informative for the purchaser.

ACT NOW email deb@gettingyouorganised.co.nz or phone 021 997462 to make an appointment.

Deborah Wilkinson-Gray

Owner / CEO

I have a background as an Executive Assistant / Office Manager working for private business, medical offices, real estate agencies, tertiary organisations and local government. This has given me an extensive insight for the serious need for a robust in-depth BUSINESS PROCESS MANUAL to ensure business operations and processes are run correctly, which has become my forte. It follows that this should also apply to the home and personal environment.


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